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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 5, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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tonight. make it a great weekend. don't forget the fox news reporting special behind set your dvr if you are not home. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> this is "the fox report." tonight, gas prices in one state jumping as much as 20 cents per gallon overnight. we'll explain why. and the presidential candidate focused on the latest jobs report. >> this morning, we found out that the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level since i took office. >> the reason it's come down this year is primarily due to the fact that more and more people have just stopped looking for work. >> tonight, what really drove the drop in unemployment. and the potential effect on the election.
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american airlines cancels dozens more flights because of passenger seats that pop loose. and could the cause actually include spilled soda? plus, a defendant punches out his lawyer, moments after sentencing. not the brightest move in front of the judge. i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. and we begin with news the u.s. unemployment rate has dropped to its lowest level in nearly four years. this is especially important because it's one of the last unemployment reports we're going to get before the presidential election. of course, both campaigns are putting their own versions on today's development. and we'll get their reactions in a matter of minutes. this morning, the labor department reporting unemployment fell from 8.1% to 7.8% last month after businesses added 114,000 jobs. here is a look at how the rate has fluctuated during president obama's administration.
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you can see that sharp rise in the beginning when we were still in a recession. and then a gradual slow lowering over the last couple of years. the unemployment news comes as we get word that americans borrowed $18 billion more in august than the month before. much of that borrowing coming in the form of credit cards and student loans. wall street reaction somewhat mixed today. the dow gaining 35 and closing at its highest level in nearly five years on this friday. the nasdaq dropped 13. the s&p 500 was flat. right now, republic candidate for president, governor mitt romney is speaking at an event in st. petersburg, florida. we understand is he going to be touching on the economy. let's watch for just a moment. >> the participation of our adults in the workforce were the same as at the time that he got elected. our unemployment rate would be about 11%. people in this country are having a hard time finding a job. people in this country are having a hard time making ends meet even if they do have a
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job. so it's time to have someone who is elected president who actually has a plan and i do. we will create 12 million jobs and rising incomes. that's the kind of future we need to have for america. [cheers] and you know the things. i have got five things. you heard me talk about them. i don't have to look at notes to know what they're by the way. i know what they're. number one, number one, we're going to take advantage of our energy, our coal, our gas, our oil our nuclear, our renumbers. [. [cheers and applause] >> we're going to double the number of permits on federal lands and federal waters and get the oil off the shore of alaska and build that pipeline from canada as well and get the oil here. [cheers and applause] that means lower gasoline prices because we have got to take advantage of our energy resources here. people are struggling under the high cost of energy. that, by the way creates new jobs too, 3.5 to 4 million jobs will come back if we take
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advantage of our energy resources. number two, we will make trade work for us. we are going to open up new markets for trade. you particularly here in florida will have opportunity to sell goods in latin american and nearby. language opportunities and time zone opportunities. we will do well opening up more trade. but i will tell you, this i will crack down on china or any other nation that cheats. [cheers and applause] [chanting u.s.a.] there is a third thing. my third thing is this i want to make sure the people have the skills. those 47 different federal trading programs that all report into 8 different agencies think of the waste. i want to take the money from those programs, give florida its fair share and say florida you create the programs best for your own people. get the federal government out of it. [cheers and applause] i want to fix our schools.
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i want to fix our schools for the jobs of tomorrow so our kids have the skills they need to succeed. i know what it takes to do that. >> harris: governor romney life tonight at an event in florida an important battleground state as you know for the presidential election coming up in just a month. he is talking about the economy and we were just talking about jobs numbers so we wanted to dip in as that conversation was topical for us on fox report. that's the political side. today, as i was telling you off the top of fox report, the big news, the unemployment jobs report that came out today and politics aside, let's just focus in on the numbers. >> all right. >> harris: let's go to fox business network gerri willis live in her studio here in new york. gerri, tell us what to take away from the jobs report. >> harris, it's confusing there are two different surveys. the information coming from two of them disconnect. let me show you numbers here. the household survey says this is the contentious number today that 873,000 jobs were created in september. here is how they get the number. they call people on the
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telephone. about 60,000 of them and then they extrapolate from there. i have got to tell you a lot of these folks, in fact, about half were part timers. normally when we think about job creation, we don't count the part timers. >> very interesting. some of those jobs i also read were temporary seasonal jobs as well. they are already building up for the retail season. let me ask you this, what do you say to those people who question whether or not these numbers are legit. >> a lot of people are saying that the government is i can cooking the books here. let me tell you they get those kind of accusations all the time. here is the deal. the only number that really counts in this report is the 114,000 number. that matches what wall street expected in what with what most believe happen. the household number i mentioned before, the big 800,000 number, it has a margin error of 400,000. so it could be off by half. so big difference, big debates going on with these numbers tonight, harris. >> harris: real quickly you mentioned how wall street was anticipating. we had such a mixed review.
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what does that indicate to us? >> mixed review on the report itself. that communicates that there is not a lot of confidence in what this administration is reporting tonight. >> gerri willis live from the fox business network from her studio show just wrapping up. thank you wanted goovment good to see you tonight. president obama says unemployment is at the lowest level since he took office. governor romney says this is not what a real recovery looks like. both candidates starting their rallies in the battleground state of virginia. we showed you moments ago mr. romney is in the state of florida at this hour speaking at a rally there they each have a very different take on today's jobs report. >> we can do better. we don't have to stay on the path we have been on. we can do better. there was a report that just came out this morning on job creation this last month. there were fewer new jobs created this month than last month. >> but today's news certainly is not an excuse to try to talk down the economy to score a few political points. it's a reminder that this
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country has come too far to turn back now. >> harris: then the president went on with his familiar slogan saying governor romney supports the same policies that led to the financial crisis. the governor says he has a plan to create millions of jobs. campaign carl cammeron live in st. petersburg, florida. carl, what else is governor romney saying about the jobs numbers? >> as he continues on here today in st. petersburg, this morning he was in rural western virginia talking in coal country to miners, some of them laid off from their jobs, he made the argument that he is not talking down the economy. he is being frank about the economy and talking down the obama record. in mr. romney's view, if you take a look at the unemployment and account for those who have taken themselves out of job-seeking market, it's far worse than today's sub8 number. watch. >> the truth is, if the same share of people were participating in the workforce today as on the day the president got elected, why our
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unemployment rate would be around 11%. >> and the romney campaign and experts say if you take those who are out of work, those who stop looking for work and those are ho are under employee employed, the real unemployment number as it's called is north of 14%, harris. >> harris: number subject i understand came up on the trail today is that governor romney shifted his position on what he once called his inelegant remark about the 47%. >> that was one of the things that democrats were criticizing president obama for having not brought up in the debate the other night. criticizing mr. romney for his now 5 month old remarks to a closed fundraiser surreptitiously videoed that he suggested 47% of americans who don't pay income taxes are looking for some sort of government handout. first he called it inelegant. never defended it and never renounced it last night on the hannity show he did so summarily. watched? >> in this case i said something that's just completely wrong. i absolutely believe, however,
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that my life has shown that i care about 100%. >> completely wrong. a big jump from inelegant. having said that the romney campaign would like very much to close the chapter on this and get it behind them. the democrats today, the obama campaign, the democratic national committee and a whole bunch of other groups were firing off attack ads and groups trying to keep it center stage right through the presidential debate next week and the two presidential debates that follow. >> as you pointed out, carl it, didn't come up in this past debate may very well close the door on it yet. carl cammeron on the campaign trail for us tonight. thanks very much. >> you bet. >> harris: reaction tonight coming from others not inside the beltway to the jobs report. more on that part of the story in just a moment. right now wendell goler is live in cleveland at the president's second campaign stop of the day. wendell, we're told we'll get just one more jobs report. we know before election day. but analysts are now saying in some ways today's is more important because of early voting. >> well, harris, early voting
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is already underway here in ohio. and many people believe ohio is a state that mitt romney has to meet in order to win the white house. part of the reason the democrats have such a big operation in ohio. in fact, what they're spending a lot of their money on in this state is a push to get out the early vote. >> ohio, i just have one question. are you registered to vote? [in unison yes] because if you are not, if i are not, you have got four days left. if you are, you can vote right now. >> the president will be back here next week back in the state next week with the same message vote early. harris? >> harris: well, wendell, i know earlier former g.e. chairman jack welch was accusing the administration of cooking the books. he says he has no evidence of that but here is what he told fox news channel earlier.
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>> look, i don't know what the right number is, but i will tell you these numbers don't smell right when you think about where the economy is right now. >> harris: that's what he had to say. what about the white house? what's the response? >> the white house has no input in the jobless numbers. in fact, they didn't get the figures early. the labor department people who conduct the surveys are professionals, not political appointees. secretary says she is offended that people would suggest her department would fudge the figures. >> you know, i'm insulted when i hear that because we have a very professional, civil service organization where you have top, stop economists that work at the bls. they have been doing these calculations. >> she says it really shouldn't be surprising that after strong upward revisions of the job creation in july and august that we would see a sharp decline in the jobless rate in september. harris? >> harris: wendell goler, thank you very much. now to california, where
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drivers were doing a double take at the gas tank today. this is what they woke up to. more than 5 bucks a gallon in some places and that's for regular unleaded. prices spiking as much as 20 cents in just overnight hours. that adds up to a surprise in just the past week in some places. it's causing long lines at many gas stations. others closing up shop rather than stock the price of gasoline. fire at chevron plant in august there was also a power outage at exxon mobil plant. officials are saying now it's back on line they expect the prices should drop. hopefully soon. fbi investigators now confirming who they believe pulled the trigger in the shooting of that u.s. border patrol agent earlier this week. and a recall on peanut butter is expanding tonight. reports young children getting sick. what you need to know to stay safe. that's coming up inside "the fox report."
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>> harris: fox news confirms fbi investigators say they believe friendly fire killed a u.s. border patrol agent this week. agent nicholas ivy died, and a fellow agent was wounded while they were responding to an alarm on a border sensor. it happened at a known drug smuggling area on the mexican border. initial reports say investigators were hunting for the shooters but now it looks like the bullets may have come from the agent's own gun. adam housley tracking
4:17 pm
developments live for us in los angeles tonight. adam, what are you hearing? >> we expect to gun a report from the fbi and local reporters will have a news conference in tucson of what they found so far. what we are hearing is tuesday morning they sensor went off. they do believe drug or human smugglers sent off sensors from this area. they responded from different directions and they accidently shot each other. the question is whether or not this shootout began because of some shots fired by the smug glir glers. that's -- smugglers. no arrests right now on either side of the border but there have been some people that have been questioned on the mexican side, harris. >> we know this can happen any time, you know, we have seen it happen in war time. what about with the u.s. border patrol. has this sort of thing happened before? >> you know, that's a very good question. and the quote i was given from the source -- a couple different sources we have been talking to about this was this was a perfect storm type situation. they had gotten back through all the different methods of being able to track this stuff
4:18 pm
to the 1970s. they don't have any other instances of this happening. we can tell you firsthand experience there are so many stories we have done over the years, harris, when thiessen sores go off literally agents sworm on horseback. on foot. coming into an area dark and rugged and people that are armed. it's quite surprising in fact and one of our sources said that this hasn't happened before and it apparently happened this time. >> the way you describe it so vividly there is a perfect storm. adam housley thank you very much. con tam contaminated peanut butter and now a massive recall. dozens of people getting sick from salmonella. it found the bacteria at new mexico plant that supplies products to several different grocery chains including trader joes. in fact, 35 cases in 19 states are tied to trader joe's peanut burt. most of those ill are children under the age of 10.
4:19 pm
includes almond and cashew butters, other peanut products sold at more than a dozen stores. among them whole foods, target, safeway and cosco. for the full list of brands and retailers involved, visit our web site >> hold on to your drink or risk losing your seat. american airlines naming another culprit in loose seat fiasco spilled soda or coffee. plus, she drove over her first husband twice. her second husband didn't fare much better. hubby number three is suddenly hill. and this so-called black widow is back behind bars. if you are one of the millions of men
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757s out of service to make necessary repairs we're told. it grounded 50 flights yesterday, another 44 today. a spokesperson says everything should be back to normal by sometime tomorrow. the airline reports the problem is due to wear and tear and poor design of those seats and that sprild drinks can gunk up the tracks that hold the seats in place and cause them to come loose. trace gallagher has the latest. trace, i know that some people say that soda can make you fat. i never knew they could cause your seat to fall off. >> yeah, me neither, even the exprerts kind of baffled because the airline had already come out saying it was a faulty clamp is the reason those seats came loose. in fact, the clamp we are about to show you is the fix to keeping those seats in place. the theory behind the soda and coffee is as you said it kind
4:24 pm
of gets in the track and it can gunk them up. but what happens is the gunk gets so thick that it actually pushes the pin out that holds the seat in place. so we spoke to an aviation expert today on "studio b" who says he is not buying the whole coca cola conclusion. listen. j. >> does the maintenance issue that went bad, they are fixing it. it just happened at the wrong time if you want to call it that. at the same time they are having labor problems. it really is a nasty cocktail for american airlines to deal with. i would like to know who at american airlines made that comment about coca cola causing this. that person really needs to be on the top of the hit parade to find another job. >> america has 617 plains so 48 of them needs to be repaired. that's 8% of your fleet needs to be taken out of rotation that's why they have had so many cancellations. >> harris: there that is a lot of flights. even once the planes are repaired americans problems
4:25 pm
will likely continue. >> they are still arguing with the pilots. they haven't come to terms with them. the contracts are similar to what delta has and delta and continental airlines. american airlines says it simply cannot afford that the airline is accusing the pilots of a work slowdown resulting in 2 million passengers being late to their destinations over the past month and another 160,000 having their flights cancelled all together. and unlike, say, a rental car or a hotel, experts say when it comes to the airlines, passengers have very little recourse. listen. >> in the case of the airlines, tremendous pretty much exempted themselves by contract and by court decisions and legislation from any accountability of the consumer. >> yeah, by the way, the pilots have already voted whether or not to strike. that vote is being kept confidential, harris. >> oh boy, more to the story. trace gallagher thank you very much. a 77-year-old woman with a history of losing her husbands. now under arrest, accused of trying to poison her latest
4:26 pm
spouse. melissa ann weeks facing charges of attempted murder. she previously served time on a manslaughter conviction in connection with the death of her first husband. she drugged him. ran over him twice with a car. according to the tampa bay times newspaper, family members are accusing her of draining nearly half million dollars from her second husband's bank account a few years later. shortly before he died under mysterious circumstances. and now canadian media reporting her latest husband, third guy, sundayly has fallen ill while the couple was vacations in nova scotia. people are calling her the black widow. we are on the brink of all-out war. that's what turkey is telling sierra tonight. after syria reportedly fired another mortar across the border hours ago and turkish troops have fired back. plus, he is accused of trying to start an al qaeda camp here in the united states. the court has decided whether a terrorist suspect in the uk will face american justice. while learning your voice ?
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>> wasn't in prison yet and already one inmate has brakd up more time for bad behavior. moments after a judge in south carolina sentenced the man to 15 years in prison. the guy punched his public defender in the mouth. look at this. the lawyer who is 58 years old a little bruised and bloodied but no permanent damage we're told. his client had actually pleaded guilty to robbery. assault and drug charges and it's not clear what set him off. the judge gave him another 6 months behind bars for the smackdown. i'm harris faulkner in for shepard smith. word tonight that turkey has arrested two people in connection with with the september 11th attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. the assault killed our u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. the suspects reportedly both to your tunisian nationals carrying fake passport. >> intelligence officials are
4:31 pm
keenly interested in these two detainees. all this as the state department explained today why it took the fbi so long to set foot inside the compound and annex where ambassador stevens and the other three americans were killed almost a month ago. we were working with the government of libya for permission for the fbi team and the dod team to travel there. we did seek permission for them as well as for the landing of the aircraft. and we worked to get them the appropriate vehicle. so we have been working through all these. >> fox news has confirmed in email exchange back in may on which ambassador stevens had been included the state department rejected requests from u.s. diplomats in libya to keep in the country, a state department airplane. a spokesman for the secretary of state said the airplane had been brought into libya when commercial flights will ceased and was returned to iraq once such flights resumed in libya.
4:32 pm
analysts cautioned us that such decisions were made amidst the chaos of the toppling of muammar qaddafi. >> we had to wonder about who we were helping and who we were empowering and the logical consequence of recognizing that last year would have been the benghazi of dangerous city even this year even with the overthrow of qaddafi accomplished. >> the internal state department panel reviewing the benghazi episode led by thomas pickering held second meeting today they're expected to report back in december. harris? >> james rosen, thank you very much. turkey is not far from war that from that country's prime minister tonight as he warned the syrian government not to test this country's patience. despite that the two allies turned enemies reportedly exchanged gunfire. reporting turkish troops responded after another syrian mortar shell hit inside turkey it's the third straight day the military has fired into
4:33 pm
syria and it comes after a syrian mortar shell killed five people in a border town on wednesday. so far no response from officials in damascus. but according to one turkish official. syria pulled back tanks and other military equipment from the border earlier today. that official says syria was trying to diffuse any, quote: perception of threat, end quote. jennifer griffin following the story from the pentagon for us tonight. jennifer what is washington saying about turkey. >> it is standing behind turkey it's interesting, harris, because in the past turkey ignored errant shells that were fired from the syrian side of the border those shells sometime landing inside turkey where taken refuge and syrians rebels have set up camps. today the prime minister issued a stark warny to syria raising fears in nato that the next time may be different. more turkish troops were moved to the border today. the state department appears to be backing the turks.
4:34 pm
>> we believe that the turkish parliaments truth strengthened deterrence and sends a strong message to the syrian government. make no ms. stake this was syrian shells that initiated this whole incident the syrians apologized for ther rent shell this week but then filed a shell again today. >> harris: that's the two countries that border each other. what about the opposition inside syria the people that want the government out has had unexpected gains in the past 24 hours. >> well, in fact, not far from damascus to the east of damascus the rebel opposition took over a base that looks like it's home of many of the antiaircraft missiles that the syrian regime have been using. they took over that base. they were celebrating on top of those antiaircraft missiles. the question now, harris, is whether they know how to use
4:35 pm
them. jennifer griffin, thank you very much. abu hamza al masri and four other expected terrorists have been fighting extradition for years. a terrorist training camp in oregon. his attorneys say he suffers from problems including diabetes and gletion. they argued his poor health would mean it would be oppressive to send him to america to a prison here. today, britain's high court essentially said too bad. officials in london plan to put all five men on flights to the u.s. as quickly as possible. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt joining me now. when do we expect to see these guys in court? >> probably as soon as this weekend four all five of them. three in connecticut and two in new york city. we do know they are now on their way to the united states. planes carrying all five took
4:36 pm
off from middlen hall in the uk just about an hour ago. that is a picture of the convoy carrying al masri to that royal air force base from which they have now left. we expect them to land somewhere around 2:00 a.m. eastern time, harris. >> harris: what are the charges exactly. >> the charges against abu hamza, the one eyed hook handed cleric first he is accused of aiding al al qaeda. accused of being part of a terrorist kidnapping in yemen and training to open this training camp for militants here in the united states. two of the others, the two others will ho will be tried here in new york city are accused of taking part in the bombings of two u.s. embassies. one in insurance buy, kenya, and one in tans knee a the two who will be tried in connecticut are accused of setting up a web site trying
4:37 pm
to raise cash for fighters in afghanistan and trying to recruit fighters to go there. so these are going to be some very big, very significant terrorist trials right here in new york city and new haven connecticut, harris. >> harris: jonathan, thank you very much. here at home a meningitis outbreak. it is spreading. health officials are calling it a rare and deadly form of meningitis that has killed at least five people so far, doctors reporting the infection in the states you see here in yellow on the map. michigan joined that list today. clinic in minnesota is reporting at least four patients are showing symptoms of the disease. doctors say they have to perform more tests to confirm exactly what those people have the concerns for disease control injections for back pain. the federal food and drug administration is rerecalling every product from the company. it could take anywhere from 2 to 28 days though from the time of the infection for
4:38 pm
people to start feeling symptoms. they want people who may have had these injections to be on the lookout. here is how the illness could first infect you if you have been infected. chills, fever, nausea, as well as stroke-like symptoms including difficulty walking. a school bus falls 20 feet highway overpass. three people hurt. our top story on a fox trip across america. texas. investigators say a car clipped that bus 37 outside dallas. causing it to go over the guardrail. it landed next to a hotel. officials say a 7-year-old on that bus has cuts and bruises while two adults some broken bones. california. police say a meth lab inside a house in fresno likely caused an explosion that blew out windows and melted pain inside neighboring homes. a man in the house that blew up reportedly suffering burns
4:39 pm
over 75% of his body. they think that meth lab has ties to mexican drug cartels. indiana some moms living in homeless shelter teaming up with nonprofit group to make coats out of recycled car parts. they plan to send the jackets to thousands of people living on the streets of detroit. among the car parts, a product g.m. uses around doors called sun absorb. >> it insulates sound to provide for a real nice cabin experience. >> it also helps the coat retain heat. new york a new exhibit featuring picasso's. more than 100 of the drawings on display until late january. that's a fox watch across america. >> harris: it turns out lou
4:40 pm
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at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >> yankee's hall of famer lou gearing may have died from concussions and not from disease that carries his name. they want the world renowned nay owe clinic a patient's record should remain quiet --
4:44 pm
private after that person dies. concussion played a role there are experts who claim the medical records may not be helpful, in fact, and that doctors would need to examine tissue samples to be hauer. since the funeral home cremated his body that won't happen. >> a football player in florida missing one of his arms, that has not stopped him from hitting harm. his name is sammon narcotic, a owe has earned his starting spot at defensive end. sam is sound using left arm to wrap up opponents and legs to drive threw them through finishing his cackles the right way. sam leads his teammates on and off the field despite having just played one year of organized football. steve harrigan with the news live in our south florida newsroom. steve? >> harris, it takes a lot of courage to play nose tackle in football. especially if you are a 15-year-old boy with one hand.
4:45 pm
>> very difficult position to play because you get no notoriety. you know anowxer is never going to say your name. do the dirty work of the team. >> tackle all by myself. it's a blessing. definitely those moments where do i ask myself those questions. it scares me for a second but then i have to think about how the lord has blessed me with this athletic ability and just blessed me in so many ways that i can not even begin to imagine what he has planned. >> i know for a fact some the kids look at sam and they are thinking if this kid who has got this disability that he was born with if he can go that hard and he can work that arrested and he can give that much effort then i should be able to do the same. >> most people like me won't dream of trying out for high school sport but i want to
4:46 pm
show him that if i can, you can. >> sam gets double-teamed on most plays fighting off two blockers. his team remains undefeated. harris? >> harris: the next time my 5-year-old says she can't, i'm going to bring up sam's name. i love that good to see you. steve. tonight word of the kind of shortage that could make millions of americans somewhat grumpy. the "wall street journal" owned by the parent company of this network says starbuck stores are running low on pumpkin spice lattes. that's a popular drink apparently. like the mcrib of beverages i suppose. the starbucks official telling us there is no widespread shortage with you some stores have had higher than expected demand leaving customers unable to get their favorite beverage. one person in kentucky wrote when his starbucks ran out of pumpkin spice latte his world
4:47 pm
almost ended which is not a exaggeration in any way. a firm hired to register florida voters is at the center of a fraud investigation. now, as the guy in charge defends his company word of more investigations into other firms. a live report on that coming up next. plus, violent clashes over spending cuts that are supposed to stem the tide of a major debt crisis. the message from the protesters coming up. if there be
4:48 pm
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>> we're getting word of new claims of voter fraud in florida. one under investigation telling fox news his firm is innocent. reports of complaints against that company, that same
4:51 pm
company and other swing states now eric shawn live in our newsroom with more. eric? >> now there are three more investigations of voter registration fraud in florida including the state's democratic party. secretary of state ken detectivesser announcing the complaints have been turned over to prosecutors about the two voter registration groups. this comes as the firm under investigation is he defending its work. in an exclusive fox news interview, nathan sprawl said less than 10 workers out of 5,000 allegedly violated the company policy and the law including this young woman in this video in colorado who was fired. his company has strict training and compliance procedures and immediately fired the wrong doers but the voter registration has become a political lightning rod. >> registering voters is critical to the success of our country and to the electoral process. u of mly there is such a toxic
4:52 pm
climate associated with this now i bet very few people will ever vote to do paid registration efforts again. >> voters cast their ballots. this could seriously disenfranchise a lot of folks across the state of florida and in the four other states where this republic firm was operating at the behest of the republic national committee who paid them $3 million for this effort. >> well, tonight we asked the florida democratic party for comment on the investigation. but they have not yet responded, harris. >> harris: eric shawn thank you very much. a major interstate remains closed at this hour after a massive pileup involving 46 vehicles. the crash happened this afternoon on i-75 in sarasota. highway patrol officials are saying a brief and sudden rainstorm may have caused slippery road conditions. wow. early reports show at least seven different crashes between these vehicles including a few big rigs thrown. in you see it there.
4:53 pm
crews took at least 52 people to hospitals with injuries. and, again, at this hour, all southbound lanes of i-75 in that area of sarasota remain closed. well, students carrying shields, hurling eggs and oranges at riot police as part of rallies across italy. >> it was the scene earlier today in millan. arch spending cuts on education sent hundreds of protesters into the street. save schoo banks. government building several officers got hurt. university students there. voicing anger at the cost cutting moves by the government and the european union. the song that helped launch the beetles into the worldwide fame that we know today turned half a century old. details on that coming up. also on this very day 50 years ago, the british secret agent james bond first hit the big
4:54 pm
screen. the film franchise debuted with sean connery as 007 dr. noe. they all took turns sipping martinis and hunting villains. george was in there too before daniel craig became the latest to play the spy guy. let's not forget all those bonds' women, the 23 bond flick sky fall set to hit americans theaters. movie go goers had to make it shakd not stirred 50 years ago today. ogether like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
4:55 pm
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fancy dishwasher, well rob wilson won the job over hundreds of wanna bees who showed up at the audition. no word on what this gig pays. we're wondering if maybe he can afford to buy a shirt. >> scientists unveiling a new $155 million telescope that could give us a look at galaxies man has never seen. telescope with dish antennas in the australian outback. researchers claim it can turn radio waives into deep satellite dishes. experts say on or abouting radio waives can reveal unique information about the cosmos and help astronomers learn more about the universe before the earth was formed. our top stories tonight. the labor department reporting the unemployment rate dropped last month to 7.8%. the lowest in nearly four years. health officials now confirm close to 50 cases of a rare strain of meningitis across several states. already, five people have died and officials are linking the
4:59 pm
outbreak with shots to treat back pain. and the feds say they think friendly fire is likely to blame for this week's death of a border patrol agent. it happened after an alarm sounded on the arizona/mexico border. >> and on this day in 1962, a little known british rock band released its first single. and set the stage for the pop culture phenomenon known as beatle main i can't. it all started with love me do. a song paul mccartney had sketched out years earlier when he was just 16 years old. the fav 4 turned it into a diddy that hit number 17 on the u.k. charts. later topped it the charts here in the united states. george harrison said hearing it on the radio was the best buzz of all time. the beatles went on to the be a worldwide obsession. but john, paul, george and ringo first rocked the world stage 50 years ago today. and that is how fox reports, wow, there is a male model on the price is


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